Sponsors and Corporations in Esports

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Founded in 2020 out of expertise in business, technology and health combined with passion for digital entertainment, Wolfpack Management is a small and agile global consulting firm that specializes in the esports & gaming industry. At the start the goal was to help drive digital entertainment to be on par with the standards we use for traditional sports by providing best in class services. We believe this is one of the best opportunities for sponsors and corporations to get into the huge ever-expanding market of esports and digital entertainment.

Sponsors and Corporations are the lifeblood of any professional sports environment. While many Sponsors and Corporations have already involved themselves in the esports scene, others are looking to enter the industry as part of their digital presence. The ability to increase attention from young consumers and associate your brand with successful, thrilling moments cannot be understated. Esports opens multiple different opportunities for companies to sponsor. In 2019, the esports industry generated $1.1 billion in revenue according to a Newzoo report. Of that amount, $456 million came from sponsorship deals, a 34.3% increase from the previous year.

The main sources of income in esports are:

  • Sponsorship (42%)

  • Media rights (23%)

  • Advertising (17%)

  • Merchandise and tickets (9%)

  • Game publisher fees (9%)[1]

Sponsorships is the main revenue stream of the industry and is still growing fast. During the outbreak of COVID, many traditional sports were not able to be played or watched safely, so in their stead digital entertainment saw a huge rise. Large gaming giants Tencent, and Nintendo both saw sales increase in the first quarter of 2020. Tencent sold almost half of it’s games digitally, which led to an increase in profits by 41%, while their year-on-year online games revenue increased 31% all because of the fact that many people world wide were staying inside, or at home to stay safe.

With more people inside, it was not simply the young generation that began to look towards gaming and digital entertainment, but also the older generation. We saw ESPN blogging about which games you can bet on, Nevada legalized betting on esports for the first time ever which is the first step to showing the world that digital entertainment is here to stay. Allowing betting on esports opened it up to older generations and an entirely new subset of viewers.[2]

Sponsors and corporations have many new avenues of approach and here at Wolfpack Management we are uniquely qualified with multiple avenues of expertise in order to help organizations and individuals navigate the gaming and esports industry. Our team provides exceptional competence on top knowing the ins-and-outs of the gaming and esports industry. We ensure our projects are delivered with the highest quality and integrity.

We bring value to your corporations in many different ways, specially we help position and convey your brand to ensure it synergizes with the investment and both brands flourish. We help your company open new opportunities for revenue generation such as naming rights on arenas, branding on decorations, team jerseys, or even product placement within streams, tournaments, and live events. We help your company with questions about the industry using our insight, knowledge and experience we answer questions that your company has and can help create action plans and proposals. We provide assistance finding and arranging the right partnerships and providers to ensure your brand message is maintained and accentuated by the partnership.

We have accumulated a few case studies to show current partnerships that are flourishing:

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